about kidscapes

Kidscapes came about out of a desire to create beautiful rooms for children. Rooms that could reflect a childs age, learning phase or latest craze, rooms that are as beautiful and designed as the rest of the home, Rooms that are happy, fun and inspiring.

Our collection of wall stickers, personalised stickers and prints are the most perfect way to acheive this. With minimal effort a child's room can be transformed into whatever you want it to be and when ready for a change they are so simple and quick to update ready for the next adventure to begin.

We love our designs. We spend a long time crafting them, talking about them, debating colour and asking mums what they think of them. We chose themes that children love or that are just a great way to decorate a room. The contents of each pack have been carefully thought through to create beautiful images and stories for your walls. Our creative team design them, our production team produce them and then pack them. Every product is carefully thought through to ensure we acheive our goal of creating fun and inspiring environments for kids.

Have fun browsing our products!