how to use

Kidscapes wall stickers are so easy to use. They are self adhesive, removable and they can be repositioned during application.

you can use our self adhesive wall stickers:

You can use our vinyl wall stickers on most surfaces but they do need to be dry, clean and smooth. It is also very important not to apply these stickers on paint less than 4 weeks old.

before you start:

Ensure your surface is clean and free from dust by wiping down with a soft dry cloth. Cut the sticker sheets along the dotted lines as indicated. This makes removal of the stickers from the backing paper much easier. Prior to applying the stickers you can place the stickers where you think you might like them, securing them with a low tac product such as Blu Tack or masking tape. Once you are happy with your layout you can then apply the stickers.

to apply our peel and stick wall stickers:

To apply peel the pre cut image away from the backing paper and place into position. If you are not happy with the position of the sticker simply lift up one edge then slowly draw the sticker away from the surface and reapply. Once all the stickers are in their final position you must press the stickers in place using a soft dry cloth removing any air pockets and making sure all the edges are firmly stuck. 

to apply our transfer wall stickers:

This method is used when the stickers in the pack are best applied as large images rather than as individual stickers. We remove all excess vinyl and apply a clear transfer film. Once you have positioned the image and film on to your chosen surface you simply remove the transfer film to reveal the finished image.


When ready to remove lift up one edge then slowly draw the sticker away from the surface. When removing the stickers never pull them towards yourself instead fold them slowly and gently back across itself at a 180 degree angle. If the sticker has been applied for an extended period warming the sticker gently with a hairdryer while pulling can assist removal.